Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fantasy Basketball Picks FAQ #1: Who is the number one pick?

It's that time of the year again... another season of fantasy basketball. Now I would spend 100 hours going round by round talking about who should go where... instead I decided I'm just gonna give my take on a few debates that always come up every year.

#1 Who should be the first overall pick in the draft??

Now... this debate always come up every year about who should be drafted first overall in fantasy basketball... everyone has a different opinion on who should be number one but I am just going to be the accountant that I am and go straight by numbers. For those of you in head to head leagues... it's quite obvious that Lebron James will be the first overall pick this year and with good reason. Just look at the numbers he put up last year: 31 pts, 7 reb, 7 assts. Just from those three categories will put you ahead by miles. Back to the present day: Lebron now has a running mate!! With Mo William now in the mix, depending on how Mike Brown plays this line up of Williams Pavlovic Lebron Wallace Illgauskas starting five I suspect Lebron's assist will be down and minutes can potentially be down as well since he doesn't have to handle the ball as much. However... if that is the case and Mo and Lebron end up working together really well... you might get to see Lebron increase his point production to about 33 points a game... which is NICE.

From New Orleans we have one Chris Paul. I can already see people asking me why I would put Chris Paul as the number 1 overall pick... people would usually pick Lebron or Shawn Marion at this point depending on if you're in a roto league or a head-to-head league. But here's the thing: I dont know any point guard or any player who puts up better numbers than Chris Paul... He provides everything and it never hurts when it's from the point guard position. 20 points, 10 assists, 4 rebounds, 2 steals, 49% from the Field, 85% from the line... what's not to like about the stat line?? With the departure of Jannero Pargo I can only see Chris Paul’s minutes going up.
Logically speaking more playing time will translate to…. MORE PRODUCTION!! Look for his stat line to be more like his playoff stat line; and here in fantasy community there is nothing but love for fantasy studs like Chris Paul to get more playing time. And don’t worry about his production tapering off by the end of the season, with the West shaping up to be more competitive than ever (it just never gets worse… I LOVE THIS GAME), look for Chris Paul to play right til the end of the season to compete for the highest seeding. Just all these variables combined is making me feel like Chris Paul is going to be a fantasy KING this year.

My Pick: Chris Paul.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Few bits from the basketball world.

According to sources, Golden State guard Monta Ellis allegedly injured his ankle doing something other than basketball. Doctors have claimed that the way he got his high ankle sprain is from an activity other than basketball..... Busted!!

I think I can be one to see if you're going to pull a Vladimir Radmanovic and lie about your injury... at least learn from his mistakes and not get busted for it.... especially when you just signed a 66 million dollar deal with your team. Nice going Monta!!

Now onto more light-hearted news. Definitely glad to see Patrick Ewing and the Dream finally making it into the Hall of Fame. Both being two of the best centers to play the game (one being the innovator of post play in Hakeem Olaujuwon). Personally I thought Ewing deserved to win a championship... but good thing he didn't or else the Ewing Theory would be proved wrong!!

anyhow... just a short post since I have class at 8:00 am tomorrow. Will write a long one soon enough ;)

Ming out.