Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Cross League Trade Proposal

Usain Bolt for Jarome Iginla

The flames get increased speed and double the amount of blackness on their team. While Jamaica recieves a leader with true heart, and can pass him off as jamaican.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Could the season be over for the Calgary Flames?

While the Flames did make a major splash today in the trade market, bigger injury news was announced today at Darryl Sutters 1 o'clock news conference. Darryl first started off the conference talking about Jokinen and Leopold and what they can add to the team. Then he got into the injury status of Todd Bertuzzi. This week bertuzzi had surgery on his knee, and he will be out for one month (the longest month of my life). there goes the flames season!

One month is pretty good healing time for a miracle healer such as bertuzzi. Other miracles bertuzzi has made this season are scoring 43 points while being dead last in the team plus/minus at -11. there is no doubt that big bert will be missed. whether the flames will be able to win a game without bertuzzi is yet to be seen.


I asked for Satan...

and Darryl gave me Jokinen... THANK YOU... You are now my hero Darryl Sutter. Anything you need, I'll get it for you!!


Quietest Trade Deadline in years.

So it's already 9:31 and one trade has gone down.. and it's not even that big of a trade. I think the recession is the biggest reason but the pick up I was hoping to happen still hasn't happened. Come on Darryl, Satan or Gary Roberts... COME ON DARRYL!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marian Hossa taken off a stretcher...

See topic above... Except Detroit is still deeper than half the teams in the NHL. GO FLAMES GO!

Trade Alert

The Boston Bruins have traded forward Chuck Kobasew to God, in exchange for the 7 dead cricket players and the 2 missing football players (now presumed dead). This becomes the most amount of players exchanged in a trade involving a hockey player since eric lindros was exchanged for 8 players.


Monday, March 2, 2009

1,794 Miles

If you look closely, that is a googlemap from Minnesota to Vancouver. Or in other words, the distance that Marion Gaborik has to travel to see Pav Demitra.

Marion Gaborik has played an astounding six games this season. On January 5th, Gaborik underwent left hip surgery to fix his ailing groin problems.

"Underwent left hip surgery Jan. 5. The surgery addressed a deficiency in his hip that has caused chronic left groin pain."

With all the secrecy in the NHL about injuries, it can be concluded that Gaborik did undergo hip surgery, but the chronic groin pain is a result from the the rough sex he has with former teammate Pavol Demitra.

It is apparent that the relationship between the two NHL players is finally being tested. The long distance relationship is taking a toll on them, both emotionally and physically.

An insider to the BOWC has said, "They both seem very strained lately. When they were playing together, they were roommates and would spend all their time together outside of the rink. Now they only see each other six times a year."

Although both players have admitted that it has been hard living so far apart, another insider stated "Marion and Pavol are doing great. When the Canucks and Wild play, they will make sure to have dinner together before the game and spend the night together. They were together during Christmas and the All-Star Break too. Pavol's family absolutely adores Marion, they think they are fantastic. They are planning on going on a cruise to the Mediterranean this off season"

With Gaborik's stock so low, there is a chance that Vancouver may afford him when he becomes a free agent. A close friend of Demitra has told the BOWC that Pavol has been pushing Vancouver GM Mike Gillis to look into acquiring Gaborik this offseason if they are not able to sign the Canucks. Says the friend, "I really hope that they are closer together. If Gaborik moves out East, I think they might have to call it off, and that would be horrible"

Until the offseason ...

-Hal poll shows racist and anti-kobasew biases.

Which was the most impressive feat accomplished on Sunday?

Brodeur's 100th shutout

Iginla's 400th goal

Lecavalier's 300th goal

Iginla becomes Calgary's all-time scorer

Recchi becomes NHL's 14th all-time scorer mainpage

This was the poll employed by today. Can you believe that there exists such a racist poll? Instead of combining Iginla’s two accomplishments together into one accomplishment, they have split them apart into two accomplishments. Now when flames fans want to vote for Iginla, they have to decide which Iginla they want to vote for. Should i vote for the iginla that scored 400 goals, or the iginla that surpassed fleury for points in the all time flames leader board? Why not make the fans choose between the white half of iginla and the black half of iginla? This is called vote splitting because it makes the fans of one person have to choose between two options. Other times in history when we have experienced vote splitting, were when the conservatives broke up into two parties (the PC’s and the Canadian Alliance) and the Liberals ended up winning landslide majorities.

These racist polls employed by the NHL are a way of perpetuating black people (or in Iginla’s case halfies) into a state of underrecognition in the hockey community. If you look at the other three candidates, one thing you will notice is that they are all white. currently, martin brodeur is winning the poll.

Racial issues in the national hockey league are a big deal. Many do not know that Carey Price is half aboriginal. During his younger years on ice, many players gave him a hard time for this. I think that because he has dealt with these racial issues he has more confidence and strength to be the youngest superstar goalie in the nhl. its so rare to see a goalie light it up at the age of 20. hopefully we can say that racial tensions are a fire in iginla's belly. next game he can hopefully come out in full force and respond to the racist tactics employed by

Back to the poll for my conclusion. I have not gone into the fact of how the poll is anti-kobasew. Last week on my other blog (Battle of Western Canada, which coincidentally will be breaking all the nhl trade deadline deals in haiku format on march 4th) i mentioned that chuck kobasew can recieve a write in vote for any poll that employs. however, for this specific poll they have taken out the write-in vote option. this is gary bettman responding to my website. Taking out the write-in option is completely biased against chuck kobasew who receives the majority of his accalades through write-in votes. Even though kobasew didn’t play a game yesterday, i hear he had a really solid practice. That’s who i would have voted for.


Just a post... AFTER A WHILE

So... I really should be studying for History instead of writing this post, seeing as my exam is in about 3 hours and I just started studying yesterday morning. HOWEVER, I definitely don't want to pay attention to SOCI nor do I want to study for History at the moment, so I digress.

NOW... I just want to rant about how Dominating Shaq has been, dropping 45 on my Crap-tors and 33 on the Lakers. The guy is 37, and he's destroying everything in his path right now!! It makes me wonder what the Training staff at Phoenix is doing down south; we have Grant Hill dunking over everyone and Shaq looking like he's 28 again. How about that? I just hope Phoenix does win a championship before the window closes for them because guys like Steve Nash and Grant Hill are really class acts in this league and deserve to win a championship before they call it a career.

Another thing I want to talk about is: HOW BAD ARE THE RAPTORS?? So the JO experiment failed miserably, and obviously Chris Bosh needs help. I don't think Shawn Marion is the answer; he is on the wrong side of 30 and is a cancer in the locker room. With that in mind, I propose the following. Don't resign Marion, and throw the cap space Hedo Turkgolu's way. People are probably asking why I think Hedo Turkgolu: and I think it's more plausible than one may think. First, he's European which means Brian Colangelo will automatically jump up and down at the thought of a European player. Second, he is actually a damn good player contrary to what most think. Hedo Turkgolu is one of the most underrated players in the League right now; he's got size standing at 6-10, and he plays like a guard!! He's a match up nightmare... and he's only hitting his prime right now. If you want to keep Chris Bosh come 2010, give him a chance to win right now and I think Hedo is the best option right now. For those of you who think we should go out and try to trade for a younger player, let's keep in mind that we'll have to give up half our roster just to get the likes of Danny Granger, Kevin Martin, or almost impossible, Brandon Roy.

Okay.. Now I should get back to studying.