Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Could the season be over for the Calgary Flames?

While the Flames did make a major splash today in the trade market, bigger injury news was announced today at Darryl Sutters 1 o'clock news conference. Darryl first started off the conference talking about Jokinen and Leopold and what they can add to the team. Then he got into the injury status of Todd Bertuzzi. This week bertuzzi had surgery on his knee, and he will be out for one month (the longest month of my life). there goes the flames season!

One month is pretty good healing time for a miracle healer such as bertuzzi. Other miracles bertuzzi has made this season are scoring 43 points while being dead last in the team plus/minus at -11. there is no doubt that big bert will be missed. whether the flames will be able to win a game without bertuzzi is yet to be seen.


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