Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a post... AFTER A WHILE

So... I really should be studying for History instead of writing this post, seeing as my exam is in about 3 hours and I just started studying yesterday morning. HOWEVER, I definitely don't want to pay attention to SOCI nor do I want to study for History at the moment, so I digress.

NOW... I just want to rant about how Dominating Shaq has been, dropping 45 on my Crap-tors and 33 on the Lakers. The guy is 37, and he's destroying everything in his path right now!! It makes me wonder what the Training staff at Phoenix is doing down south; we have Grant Hill dunking over everyone and Shaq looking like he's 28 again. How about that? I just hope Phoenix does win a championship before the window closes for them because guys like Steve Nash and Grant Hill are really class acts in this league and deserve to win a championship before they call it a career.

Another thing I want to talk about is: HOW BAD ARE THE RAPTORS?? So the JO experiment failed miserably, and obviously Chris Bosh needs help. I don't think Shawn Marion is the answer; he is on the wrong side of 30 and is a cancer in the locker room. With that in mind, I propose the following. Don't resign Marion, and throw the cap space Hedo Turkgolu's way. People are probably asking why I think Hedo Turkgolu: and I think it's more plausible than one may think. First, he's European which means Brian Colangelo will automatically jump up and down at the thought of a European player. Second, he is actually a damn good player contrary to what most think. Hedo Turkgolu is one of the most underrated players in the League right now; he's got size standing at 6-10, and he plays like a guard!! He's a match up nightmare... and he's only hitting his prime right now. If you want to keep Chris Bosh come 2010, give him a chance to win right now and I think Hedo is the best option right now. For those of you who think we should go out and try to trade for a younger player, let's keep in mind that we'll have to give up half our roster just to get the likes of Danny Granger, Kevin Martin, or almost impossible, Brandon Roy.

Okay.. Now I should get back to studying.

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Hosh said...

Yo Ming maybe I'll post here if I ever have anything I want to say about tennis eh? With Harc and Hal you already have two hockey experts on a blog about sports in general. Tennis needs some love too.