Monday, March 2, 2009 poll shows racist and anti-kobasew biases.

Which was the most impressive feat accomplished on Sunday?

Brodeur's 100th shutout

Iginla's 400th goal

Lecavalier's 300th goal

Iginla becomes Calgary's all-time scorer

Recchi becomes NHL's 14th all-time scorer mainpage

This was the poll employed by today. Can you believe that there exists such a racist poll? Instead of combining Iginla’s two accomplishments together into one accomplishment, they have split them apart into two accomplishments. Now when flames fans want to vote for Iginla, they have to decide which Iginla they want to vote for. Should i vote for the iginla that scored 400 goals, or the iginla that surpassed fleury for points in the all time flames leader board? Why not make the fans choose between the white half of iginla and the black half of iginla? This is called vote splitting because it makes the fans of one person have to choose between two options. Other times in history when we have experienced vote splitting, were when the conservatives broke up into two parties (the PC’s and the Canadian Alliance) and the Liberals ended up winning landslide majorities.

These racist polls employed by the NHL are a way of perpetuating black people (or in Iginla’s case halfies) into a state of underrecognition in the hockey community. If you look at the other three candidates, one thing you will notice is that they are all white. currently, martin brodeur is winning the poll.

Racial issues in the national hockey league are a big deal. Many do not know that Carey Price is half aboriginal. During his younger years on ice, many players gave him a hard time for this. I think that because he has dealt with these racial issues he has more confidence and strength to be the youngest superstar goalie in the nhl. its so rare to see a goalie light it up at the age of 20. hopefully we can say that racial tensions are a fire in iginla's belly. next game he can hopefully come out in full force and respond to the racist tactics employed by

Back to the poll for my conclusion. I have not gone into the fact of how the poll is anti-kobasew. Last week on my other blog (Battle of Western Canada, which coincidentally will be breaking all the nhl trade deadline deals in haiku format on march 4th) i mentioned that chuck kobasew can recieve a write in vote for any poll that employs. however, for this specific poll they have taken out the write-in vote option. this is gary bettman responding to my website. Taking out the write-in option is completely biased against chuck kobasew who receives the majority of his accalades through write-in votes. Even though kobasew didn’t play a game yesterday, i hear he had a really solid practice. That’s who i would have voted for.


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